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Welcome to the Future of Car Wash Payments! Experience a new level of convenience and efficiency with our cutting-edge unattended solutions designed for carwashes. Whether operating a self-serve or in-bay automatic, WeVend’s ultra-ruggedized solutions seamlessly integrate with any kiosk, bay meter, vacuum, tire inflator, general vending and more, allowing operators to accept all forms of payment.

The WeVend Advantage

Experience an intuitive, user-friendly interface with simple navigation, clear instructions, and faster transaction processing – enhancing the overall customer experience.

Count Up & Count Down Capability
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DYMOND IoT QR Payments

Leveraging QR & NFC Technology, the DYMOND IoT will transform car wash forever. Reduce up front capital constraints. Bring machines to life right on smartphone without the need for app downloads. Make it convenient for consumers to scan, make selection, pay, and wash. 

How it Works
Count up Example
1. Scan
2. Pay
3. Stop

Android Terminal

The WeVend Android solution offers specialized features designed for carwash businesses. We provide robust, durable, and weather-proof payment solutions to ensure consistent up-time in  harsh outdoor environments.  Enjoy the following benefits:

How it Works
count down example
1. Make a Choice
2. Pay
3. Finish

Seamless Integration with Existing Systems

Whether operating a self-serve carwash or an in-bay automatic, we can easily integrate to any hardware you have on site through a Coin/pulse, MDB, or USB/Serial connection.

Automatic/Tunnel Kiosks

Bay Meters


Vending Machines

Tire Inflators


Dog Wash

Bill Acceptors

Many More

Comprehensive Tools

24/7 Real-time Monitoring

Remote Troubleshooting

Configuration Adjustments

Instant Alerts & Notifications

Change and Schedule Prices

Issue e-Receipts & Refunds

Greater Flexibility in Payment Options

We support a wide array of payment methods including:

Ready for Next-Level Transactions?