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Payment Gateway

Designed for unattended and self-service environments, The WeVend Gateway is your innovative and reliable solution for seamless transactions in this specialized market.

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Unattended Platform for All

Modernize your unattended business with WeVend and offer the services operators and consumers demand.

Beyond Payments


WeVend’s gateway is built to accept more than debit & credit payments, unlocking new ways to boost sales.

Revolutionary QR

QR & NFC Tags enable new acceptance and consumer user interface functionality.

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Leveraging QR & NFC Tag technology, the DYMOND IoT device will transform unattended forever. Reduce up front capital constraints. Bring machines to life right on smartphone.

WeVend DYMOND IoT Terminal
How it Works
1. Scan
2. Make a Choice
3. Pay

EMERALD Android Terminal

Combine payments with a powerful Android platform. Traditional payments or replace your user interface with a more flexible platform.

WeVend EMERALD Android Terminal
How it Works
1. Make a Choice
2. Pay
3. Finish

Customize & Grow

Offer customizable experiences on WeVend EMERALD Android & DYMOND IoT. Replace and modernize your user-interface and generate more revenue!  

Capture cell & email, upsell, charge sales tax and issue receipts

Upgradeable platform to keep up with new consumer trends, payment options and functionality

Let us design user apps for you or bring your own

Complete Integration

Most unattended devices have limited options. WeVend changes that with the ability to use any integration point by performing the work for you!

MDB, Coin/Pulse, RS232, USB
Customize your offering
Utilize our team
Let us do the work


With our user-friendly API and SDK, our partners can elevate their offerings within days. Our streamlined tools simplify the process, ensuring a hassle-free implementation that aligns effortlessly with your existing systems.

Your Opportunity to Modernize and Grow